Chili Pepper Swag Project with Meera Lester

I seldom serve a meal at our house without some kind of chili pepper, usually jalapeño or Thai. My husband was born in the Dominican Republic and likes his food hot and spicy. Jalapeño and Thai peppers turn red as they ripen and when strung together make a pretty and functional swag. You could use almost any pepper alone—Anaheim, ancho, poblano, serrano, habanero, and Scotch bonnet—or combine them. In the swag shown, I used Jalapeño and Thai peppers. Hang the swag in the kitchen for easy access to peppers when you might need them.

Step 1: Use a form for your swag or wreath, such as foam, vine, or metal. I use a simple wire coat hanger on which to tie the peppers.

Step 2: Undo the coat hanger. Fold in half and using pliers twist the wire around itself to make a hook and then wrap and twist the rest of the wire as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Cut wire (I used a 30-gauge, 1/4 pound jewelry wire) into 5-inch pieces.

Step 4: Push the wire through the tops of the peppers and hang one to three peppers at a time, tying them onto the base. Continue until all the peppers are used or the swag is the length you desire.

Step 5: Cut enough burlap, raffia, or fabric to create a ribbon and affix it to the top of the swag.

Meera Lester’s book comes out 10/15.
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