Celebrate National Beach Day

Grab a beach towel, some sunscreen, and enjoy a day at the beach with these fun and frothy romcoms! Or imagine the beach and dive into one of these fantastic reads while sipping an ice-cold drink in front of your air conditioning unit. Some of us are indoor kids, no judgment here.

In the Case of Heartbreak by Courtney Kae

Sun, surf, and cinnamon rolls make up this delightful queer friends-to-lovers romcom. Ben has been in love with his neighbor, Adam, the sexy town mechanic and musician for as long as he can remember, and has been working in his family’s bakery almost as long. Ben decides to finally be brave, entering a baking competition to get some much needed exposure for the bakery and planning to confess his feelings at the competition. But when everything goes up in smoke Ben abandons his plan, hiding out at his grandmother’s beachfront house, and as luck would have it finds Adam there…

The Witch Hitch by Elizabeth Bass

Bailey Tomlin had enough to worry about planning her upcoming wedding, but the sudden appearance of magical powers is really throwing her off her game. The discovery of her birth mother, a real-life witch, doesn’t exactly answer all of Bailey’s questions, she was already worried she wouldn’t meet her future in-laws exacting standards, now she has to hide a magical branch of the family tree as well? Having a man she accidentally summoned from 1929 suddenly fall into her lap doesn’t help either, especially since he doesn’t seem to want to go home, and the longer he stays the more she doesn’t want him to either.

The First Date Prophecy by Kate and Danny Tamberelli

Loosely based on the start of real-life married couple (Kate and Danny Tamberelli’s) love story, this romance finds Lucy, a once hopeful writer who has spent too many years helping other authors with their careers, and Rudy, a former kid actor still working in entertainment minus the huge success he had in childhood, both eking out a living in New York. Their first date ends in tragedy when a psychic predicts they will either achieve greater success than ever together or destroy each other, then immediately dies. That’s a bit more memorable than most first dates isn’t it?

A Ghost in Shining Armor by Therese Beharrie

Gemma has a unique talent, she can see ghosts. Not only can she see them but she has made a habit of helping them resolve their unfinished business so they can find peace. So what happens when a man she impulsively kisses turns out to be a ghost himself, one with a mission to help her? In order to get his own second chance Levi must help Gemma reunite with her long-lost sister and then disappear from her life forever. But as Levi and Gemma grow closer to achieving their goals, they also grow closer to each other, what happens when love makes you toss all the rules out the window?

Situationship by Marina Adair

Left with a dog, two kids, and a failing business after the man she thought she could trust let her down completely, Teagan has decided to regroup and start over again by moving into her late-grandmother’s home. Her fresh start gets a blast from the past though when she sees her childhood crush, Colin, who still lives next door. With his daughter getting ready for college in the fall Colin was all set to become an empty nester, but with Teagan back in his life, who knows what the future will bring.

Twice a Quinceañera by Yamile Saied Méndez

When Nadia finally stands up to her cheating louse of a fiancé and calls off their wedding she feels free, she feels safe, she feels…dread at having to cancel a month from the day and ask her family to cancel their travel plans. Unless…everything is already paid for, and her thirtieth birthday is approaching. In a last second pivot Nadia decides to turn the event into a celebration for her thirtieth birthday, her double quinces if you will, and finds joy in finally celebrating herself, and opening her heart to a second chance at love!