Cali a la Georgette Heyer by Kate Moore

Like many writers, I enjoy putting a dog in a book. Here’s my take on Cali as a Regency Romance character.

Miss California Dog, Cali to her friends, was by the age of forty-two, a confirmed spinster. A playful disposition, a youthful figure, and a pair of expressive deep brown eyes in a pretty face made her appear like a miss of twenty-four. In spite of an eager interest in pastries, and a habit of snapping up offered treats, she maintained a slim figure from her willingness to swim vigorously in any bit of water and chase tennis balls. She had a wide circle of friends in town, whom she was always glad to see, greeting each with such genuine warmth and affection that she was sought after as a companion for walks in the woods. Though no one would call her a bluestocking, she had an extensive vocabulary, a great sensitivity to others’ feelings, and an excellent sense of navigation.

Raised by loving stepparents from an early age, she had no improper pride in her Labrador pedigree. Few things annoyed her, though she could, on occasion, object to certain members of her own species. With no ambition to set up an establishment of her own, she entered fully into the routines and habits of her family. In her private moments she liked to curl up or stretch out near her people. She relied on her stepfather for meals and early morning walks, but began and ended her day with a ritual cuddle in her stepmother’s lap. Her greatest joy more than any ball or rout was a trip to the beach. The glories of sand and waves left her breathless, lying sated for hours.

“A writer to treasure.” —Sabrina Jeffries, New York Times bestselling author

Beauty, wit, and charm may catch a gentleman’s eye, but nothing attracts suitors quite like property . . . as beloved, award-winning author Kate Moore reveals in this delightful Regency romp. For an innkeeper’s daughter new to the dance, a discreet volume of courtship wisdom may help discern the intentions of a mysterious newcomer.

Lucy Holbrook has recently inherited her father’s south London inn, the place she’s always called home. Now her fashionable friends, arming her with The Husband Hunter’s Guide to London, are urging her to sell the establishment and become a society lady, just as her father always hoped. Lucy would rather toss the little book into the hearth—she could never desert the alehouse or its patrons, including an elderly blind man who depends on her care. But she may need every bit of good advice when a handsome stranger arrives with a secret agenda and a baffling crime to solve . . . and Lucy finds herself navigating a most dangerous attraction!

Praise for Kate Moore’s previous novels:

“Moore writes with a lyrical beauty that will leave no heart untouched.” –RT Book Reviews

“Fans will hope for more of Moore’s sinful delights to come.” –Library Journal (starred review)

“Moore skillfully whets readers’ appetites . . .” –Booklist