Books to Read if You Love Jane Austen

Jane Austen is a perennial favorite of book lovers, but sometimes you don’t want to reread Pride and Prejudice for the 12th time, but you don’t really want to read anything else either, sometimes you want a story that’s more of a Jane Austen vibe.

The Secret of the Lady’s Maid by Darcie Wilde

Rosalind Thorne’s world of discreet problem-solving for London’s elite faces a new challenge that threatens her hard-earned stability. An encounter with a gravely ill woman and the investigation into her poor health led by Bow Street officer Adam Harkness, reveals a sinister case of arsenic poisoning. As Rosalind and Adam navigate through the tangled web of poison, politics, and hidden motives, they forge a bond that defies societal norms. This captivating Regency mystery entwines love, peril, and societal constraints, offering readers an intriguing tale that reads as though Jane Austen wrote Sherlock Holmes.

Accidentally His by Sabrina Jeffries

The scheming viscount’s heir, Rafe Wolfford, initiates a courtship with Lady Verity, a headstrong lady involved in the bustling world of event planning. His ulterior motive—uncover a possible French spy within her business. As Verity strives to protect her family and business venture, she hesitantly agrees to an arrangement with Rafe. Yet, in their journey to transform a calculated alliance into something genuine, unexpected desires and unspoken truths complicate their plans, challenging them to embrace vulnerability and trust. Fans of Jane Austen’s romantic stories will relish this Regency-era tale of love entangled in secrets and societal expectations.

The Diamond of London by Andrea Penrose

Fans of Jane Austen will adore this fictionalized account of the life of one of her contemporaries, Lady Hester Stanhope, a real Regency-era adventuress who defied societal norms. Born into privilege, Hester navigates London’s treacherous society, charming its elite with her intellect and determination. Her journey through the glittering world of high society, love affairs, and unforeseen betrayals unveils a tale of resilience and legacy as she forges an independent path, refusing to compromise on her pursuit of passionate equality and her quest for an unconventional life.

Death by Smoothie by Laura Levine

For lovers of Jane Austen who like a little tongue in cheek humor and a meta-narrative meet Jaine Austen, a freelance writer and amateur detective. She navigates a chaotic world of theatrical mishaps and murder when she’s hired as a script doctor for a play inspired by the cult-favorite sitcom, “I Married a Zombie.” This quirky mystery unfolds as Misty, the actress cast as the lead, encounters a fatal dose of poison in her smoothie. Jaine must uncover the truth in a web of fiction of a story about a story within a story.

Silver Lady by Mary Jo Putney

Set against the rugged Cornish coast, this compelling historical romance is woven through with mystery and unyielding love. Nobleman Bran Tremayne, stumbles upon an amnesiac woman, Merryn, entangled in danger. As they unravel a perilous conspiracy involving French agents and Cornish smugglers, their undeniable connection sparks an intense passion. In a thrilling tale of trust, loyalty, and budding romance, these unlikely allies must face down a shared enemy while navigating the stormy terrain of their own hearts. Readers who appreciate Jane Austen’s emotional depth and captivating storytelling will be enthralled by this new read.

Murder at the Merton Library by Andrea Penrose

The dynamic crime fighting duo of Wrexford and Sloane split up, the Earl of Wrexford embarking on the investigation of the murder of a reclusive librarian at Oxford, while Charlotte Sloane looks into a suspicious laboratory fire in London. As they uncover intertwining clues, their quests converge, revealing a dangerous conspiracy. Perfect for readers who relish Jane Austen’s works, this thrilling tale weaves together intrigue, secrets, and peril in the hallowed halls of academia and the bustling streets of London as well as the tantalizing chemistry of the two leads.