Bookmark Fun with Felt, Paper Clips, & Buttons with Mollie Cox Bryan

What can you do with a bunch of buttons, paper clips, and felt? I thought it would be fun to make a few bookmarks.

If you have a glue gun, plug it in, and let’s get started.

I confess, I have cans of buttons. Many of us do, right? My children loved to play with them when they were younger. Some of them are so pretty that I hate to pitch them.

Here’s what you can do with a few buttons, paper clips, and hot glue.

I love these bookmarks. They were so simple to make and what a great way to repurpose.

You can get creative with the buttons. As you can probably tell, I’ve glued some smaller buttons onto large ones. If you don’t like the naked backs, you can always cover them with felt.

Speaking of felt, I am really into it these days. So I decided to try a few fall-themed felt leaves on the paper clips. Draw some leaves on paper and cut those out to use as template for your leaves. Once again, all you need is your glue gun and a paper clip.

Once again, if you don’t like the naked backs. Felt works well to cover them.

Another fun way to use felt and buttons is with corner slip-on bookmarks. I noticed them on Pinterest. Now that I’ve made a few, I can see why. It’s a great way to mark your book.

Once again, start off by drawing a pattern for what ever you want to use for a template. I wanted to use fall items. I decided on pumpkins, sunflowers, and owls. I glued all of the eyes and stems and so on to the cut-outs and when the glue was dry, I began to stitch. I am quite out of hand stitch practice, but I gave it a go because I like the look of the stitches and I don’t think glue would work as well.

Once I started playing with the buttons, paper clips and felt, I saw so many possibilities for creative fun. You can take these basic ideas and get as complicate or as fancy as you want—or keep it simple. I like crafts that offer a wide range of creative opportunities. In crafting, like so much about life, there’s just no ONE right way to do things.

Happy crafting—and reading!

Download Instructions with Photos