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Sex And The Single Witch

Holly Chamberlin, Theresa Alan, Carly Alexander

ISBN 0758209320
Publish Date 9/5/2006
Format Paperback
Categories Women's Fiction, Strapless
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Sure, you can turn Mr. Oh-So-Wrong into a toad, but finding Mr. Right isn’t any easier for a witch. And choosing between conjuring up a new pair of Manolos and working on another love spell can be tough. After all, fabulous heels don’t forget to call you back…

“The Witch’s Guide to Life,” Theresa Alan

Leave it to a man to break one spell—only to cast another. When ice hockey coach J.T. becomes the first person to buy one of Ariel Watson’s paintings, her work is suddenly the hottest ticket in town. And J.T. is more than an art lover—he’s a lover. Trouble is, since falling for him, Ariel hasn’t been able to produce once decent piece of work. What’s a witch to do?

“Single White Witch” Carly Alexander

The Etherworld isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for single female spellcasters. A girl’s only option is to hook up with a warlock—and everyone knows how tricky those guys are: in a twinkling, you’re slaving over a hot cauldron with little sorcerers underfoot. So Annie Quicksilver is investigating mortal men. But crazed Romanian shoe designers and smarmy power brokers clearly aren’t the answer—and Annie is pleasantly surprised to discover who is…

“The Trouble with Witchcraft,” Holly Chamberlin

Backfired love spells are Haven Castle’s embarrassing specialty. The last time she tried one, Jared Cragmere not only didn’t fall at her feet, he vanished. Fortunately, he’s reappeared, none the worse for wear—though nursing a grudge against the person who zapped him to Nowheresville. Haven couldn’t bear to see Jared’s reaction if he found out the truth—especially now that he’s finally taken a very real—and deliciously sexy—interest in her…

Theresa Alan is the author of Who You Know and Spur of the Moment. She lives in Denver, Colorado, and is working on her next Strapless novel, which will be available in 2006. Readers may visit her Web site,

Carly Alexander has enjoyed revisiting holiday crises and thorny twentysomething dilemmas in her Strapless novels Ghosts of Boyfriends Past and The Eggnog Chronicles. She’s currently working on her next novel, The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus. When asked to contribute to this anthology, she set out to conceive a woman just to the right of Wicked’s Elphaba and left of Bewitched’s Samantha. Readers are invited to visit Carly in the Christmas Shop at

About Holly Chamberlin:


Holly Chamberlin was born and raised in New York City. After earning a Master’s degree in English Literature from New York University and working as an editor in the publishing industry for ten years, she moved to Boston, married and became a freelance editor and writer. She and her husband now live in downtown Portland, Maine, in a restored mid-nineteenth-century brick townhouse with Betty, the most athletic, beautiful and intelligent cat in the world. Readers can visit her website at:

About Theresa Alan:

Theresa Alan is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Denver, Colorado. Her novels Who You Know (which spent several weeks on the Barnes and Noble bestseller list), Spur Of The Moment, The Girls' Global Guide To Guys, and Girls Who Gossip are now available from Kensington's Strapless line, and her novella Santa Unwrapped can be found in the bestselling anthology Jingle All The Way with Fern Michaels and Linda Lael Miller. She also has novellas in Sex And The Single Witch and I Shaved My Legs For This?! Her novel The Dangers Of Mistletoe will be out in December 2006. Theresa was named Colorado Romance Writer's Author of the Year for 2004. She is hard at work on her next book.

About Carly Alexander:

Carly Alexander went to college in New York City and never looked back. She spent the better part of her twenties searching for a fine romance, both at work as an editor and after hours in Manhattan. She still loves New York when it’s all lit up for Christmas, Central Park in the snow, midtown traffic when the E train is running on schedule. . . .

She currently lives with her husband and two children in the Pacific Northwest, where she has taken up walking in the rain and teaching art literacy. She is immersed in a study of slackers and can be found doing research in local coffee shops while working on her latte addiction, one day at a time.

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