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Smothered Southern Foods

Wilbert Jones

ISBN 0806527455
Publish Date 5/2/2006
Format Hardcover
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Shrimp Creole, Chicken and Dumplings, Ham and Red Gravy…this is Southern food in all its glory, “smothered” and mouthwatering. In this introduction to one of the South’s traditional techniques, cookbook author and food developer Wilbert Jones outlines the beauty of dishes smothered in sauces, vegetables, and other foods, creating a true taste of the Southern cuisine.

Includes scrumptious recipes for these smothered classics:

Creamed Onions
Buttered Kale
Fricassee of Clams
Sole in White Wine Sauce
Chicken and Rice
Pepper Steak
Bourbon Pumpkin
Rum Raisin Pears
…And many more!

“Jones continues to be the master at creating dishes to excite your taste buds. Delicious!” —Donna Hodge, Food Editor, N'DIGO Magapaper

“Finger-licking meals for a new generation of soul food lovers.” —Retha Hill, vice president of content,

Crawfish Étoufée, Chicken Fried Steak, Creamed Spinach, Mixed Berry Cobbler…Is your mouth watering yet? These decadent dishes are part of the long tradition of “smothered” foods, for which Southern cooks are rightfully famous. And in this new cookbook by the author of The New Soul Food Cookbook, “smothering” is explained in delicious detail for a new generation of food enthusiasts.

Rooted in the author’s upbringing and peppered with personal anecdotes, Smothered Southern Cooking explains that “smothering” is nothing more complicated than covering one food with another food or sauce, while baking or braising the dish in a covered skillet or pot. Vegetables, meats, and even desserts can be smothered, and the results are rich with flavor.

This cookbook includes tips on buying and caring for vegetables, a valuable staple of so many Southern recipes, and easy-to-follow directions and serving suggestions for each dish. With recipes for 105 mouthwatering favorites, there’s something for everyone in recipes for everything from soups to sweets, including Cajun Butter Beans, Okra and Tomatoes, Smothered Catfish Steaks, Ham and Red Gravy, Hot Buttered Rum Cake, Sweet Potato Crunch—and so many more!

For a true taste of the South, prepared the way Southern chefs have for generations, Smothered Southern Foods is a delicious way to get cooking.

Wilbert Jones attended the École de Gastronomique Française Ritz-Escoffier in Paris and was a food scientist for Kraft General Foods. He is the presidents of Healthy Concepts, Inc., a food and beverage product-and-recipe development company founded in 1993. He lives in Chicago.

About Wilbert Jones:

Wilbert Jones is the president of Healthy Concepts, Inc., a Chicago-based food and beverage product development company, founded in 1993. He attended the École de Gastronomie Française Ritz-Escoffier in Paris, and was a food scientist at Kraft Foods. In 2002 he was inducted into the prestigious Les Amis d’Escoffier Society of Chicago. Jones is also a contributing editor for Prepared Foods Magazine and a freelance special features writer for Black Entertainment Television’s website.

Wilbert’s inspiration for cooking came from his grandmother Ruth Randle, who was one of the best cooks in Mississippi. Smothered Southern Foods is filled with special recipes and stories about Jones’ childhood and recent meals prepared for his family and friends.

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