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The Warrior

Heather Grothaus

ISBN 0821780069
Publish Date 3/7/2006
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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England, 1075, a time of raging feuds and men who pledge their sword for king and country, an era brought masterfully to life in this epic tale of a powerful Norman warrior and the woman who is his destiny…

Tristan D’Argent returns from battle to claim the keep bequeathed to him by King William, only to find his lands under the ruthless control of a treacherous rival—a man who has secured Tristan as his stepdaughter’s betrothed. Determined to get his due without being trapped in marriage, Tristan prepares to win by any means necessary, only to be confronted by the beautiful face of the woman who haunts his dreams. She is Haith, the half-sister of his bartered bride.

Haith never imagined seeing the man of her moonlit visions in the flesh, or worse, as her greatest tormentor. Caught in the bitter treachery of sworn enemies, neither Tristan’s strong words nor tender promises can quell her fear that their destinies have not yet begun to play out…in a time where the might of men rules with a vengeance, and the warrior who fights for love takes the greatest risk of all....

About Heather Grothaus:

Before writing historical romance, Heather Grothaus worked as a successful freelance journalist, short story writer and magazine writer. Her work has been featured in such publications as Kentucky Living, Countryside & Small Stock Journal, and The Recorder Newspaper's Creative Living magazine.

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Magical Start! (Tuesday, May 27, 2008)
Reviewer: Beverly Meiner, Beverly Romance Books

Heather Grothaus is off to a great start with this charming Medieval Romance. It is everything a good medieval romance should be! If you like tales of England & Scotland, knights & warriors, damsels in distress & magical folklore, and also believe we are destined for one true love, then this is the book for you! All of these characters are woven in this magical story that comes to an exciting conclusion reuniting Tristan with long lost family that just begs to have another book written. I am looking forward to many more books by Heather Grothaus.

another wonderful historical writer (Friday, December 8, 2006)
Reviewer: Anne Raven

Kensington Zebra debut is putting out some high-powered talent in the likes of Cynthia Breeding, Deborah MacGillivray and Heather Grothaus. For a reader who loves historicals this is such a welcome trend. These are strong historicals. Each writer has a very different in style and form, but all able to deliver strong, emotional stories.

Grothaus is on my pre-order list as are Breeding and MacGillivray from this point on. I am checking out more Zebra Debut Historicals. Great price, great reads.

Tristan D'Argent is another strong hero that just captured me. Haith was a haunting heroine who has to fight the hand of fate to win her true love.

I have pre-ordered Grothaus' next book and simply cannot wait.

Excellent book (Tuesday, March 28, 2006)
Reviewer: Carol Purdue

I picked this book up on a whim - having never heard of the author. I was very pleased. The story held my attention from the very beginning. I loved the magic. I've read other books for this time period and always find it pleasing when a little magic is thrown in. You could feel the magic between Tristan and Haith. They cared about each other from the very beginning. There was no fighting between them and few misunderstandings - very refreshing. I hope to find more by this author in the near future.

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