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The Wiccan Rede

Mark Ventimiglia

ISBN 0806527404
Publish Date 1/3/2006
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Wicca, Wicca
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Trade Paperback

The Wiccan Rede is the heart and central tenet of the ancient Wiccan religion, and contains all its fundamental teachings. This pocket-sized edition will show you how to put the Rede's wisdom into practice, and live by its underlying principle, "An ye harm none, do as thou will." Inside you'll discover:

  • The key to every verse of the Rede

  • How to cast spells for love, money, safety, success, and other desired outcomes

  • Prayers for oneself and others

  • How to cast a circle formally or in an emergency

  • The responsibilities of a practitioner

  • The science of numbers

  • How to read the heavens

  • And much more

This handy book gives you a complete philosophical learning system that is easily translated into daily life. A work of integrity, scholarship, and devotion, The Wiccan Rede should be the dear companion of every dedicated, responsible practitioner.

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The Wiccan Rede Book Review (Saturday, April 29, 2006)
Reviewer: Melissa

From my personal experience in reading the book The Wiccan Rede Written by Mark Ventimiglia. I really enjoyed it. I have a large Wiccan book library. All my other books are common and they all share something or another in common. However the only book my collection was lacking was a book that was really like a Wiccan Bible. I enjoyed this book because I finally found that, a book like a Wiccan Bible. This book starts with history of religions and then goes through the laws and teachings of Wiccan. It shows how Wiccan is more then just magick and spells, it is a RELIGION. So many people neglect that fact and forget to follow whats important and thats the Rede. I for one sometimes have a hard time understanding some books. I was very pleased in how he presented the material. He included alot of very important information and he did it in a way that was easy to understand and gave advise on how to apply the Rede more activily to our daily lives. I would very much so recommend this book to anyone interested in or practicing Wicca. I think this book is a must for everyones personal Library.

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