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Destiny Of The Mountain Man #33

William W. Johnstone, Fred Austin

ISBN 0786016280
Publish Date 12/6/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Western, Pinnacle, Last Mountain Man
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William W. Johnstone’s Mountain Man series towers above the landscape of Western fiction, taking readers into the heart and soul of a man who once lived on the wrong side of the law—and now is willing to die for justice.

Smoke Jensen was once the fastest draw in the West. He was also tired of taking on every tinhorn upstart out to make a reputation. So Jensen hung up his .45s for good. Or so he thought…

When A War Never Dies, A Soldier Never Rests.

In the bush country of South Texas, Captain Richard King built a sprawling ranch called Santa Gertrudis. But at the end of the Civil War, while King was in Mexico, his ranch was raided by Union troops led by a sadistic killer who burned Santa Gertrudis to the ground—and slaughtered everyone on it. Thirty years later, King's land is about to run with blood once more. Former Union Captain Jack Brant has gotten out of prison and is raring to pick up his rampage where he left off. Called to Texas, mountain man Smoke Jensen is ready and willing to help King fight fire with fire. Brant isn’t worried about Smoke Jensen—after all, what can one man do?

He’s about to find out…

About William W. Johnstone:

William W. Johnstone is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of over 220 books, including The First Mountain Man; The Last Mountain Man; Maccallister; Eagles; Savage Texas; Matt Jensen, The Last Mountain Man; The Family Jensen; The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty, and the stand-alone thrillers Suicide Mission, The Bleeding Edge, Home Invasion, Stand Your Ground, Tyranny, and Black Friday. Visit his website at or by email at

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descriptive death (Wednesday, January 11, 2006)
Reviewer: Warren Smith PhD English Lit

The story line is excellent, the characters are quite outstanding, the langauage should reflect the times, but there is a matter of two much description. The story reads like it was written right out of a zane grey paperback. Zane had the same problem. to much description of the surroundings. it slows down the reading and makes the story read slower than it should.

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