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Fear the Fever: The Hot Blood Series

Jeff Gelb, Michael Garrett

ISBN 0786016493
Publish Date 9/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Horror
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Once you catch it, there is no cure...

It comes upon you suddenly: the sensation of needles on your skin, a rise in body temperature, and the chill of a cold sweat. You can’t stop the desire. You can’t hold back the pain. And you can’t save your soul…

Look on helplessly as a desperate young woman connects with a ravenous lover who’s a real beast. A cheating husband with a thing for feet learns that it’s not always easy to toe the line at home. A jilted suitor sends his scornful paramour love letters from the deepest jungle that contain something much more horrifying than his feelings. And a married woman’s jealous flame plays a deadly game of chance that can only have one loser—himself.

Take a deep breath and expose yourself to a sensual sickness for which there’s no remedy, and as you slowly lose control, realize that it’s already too late. Not because you can’t fight the fever—but because you don’t want to…

Fear The Fever

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