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Crimes of Passion: The Hot Blood Series

Jeff Gelb, Michael Garrett

ISBN 0786016507
Publish Date 9/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Horror
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Some crimes go beyond the laws of nature…

There is a line most people do not dare to cross; an unseen border between reason and passion, logic and lust. But for some, this boundary is merely a doorway into a realm of unbridled passions and uncontrollable urges, where you can get away with anything—if you’re willing to pay the price…

Be consumed by wicked fascination as a young woman exploring the human soul learns the horrifying lesson that some answers are not meant to be revealed. Witness an unfaithful husband who discovers the ultimate object of desire—and plays the ultimate game of seduction. Follow a beautiful predator as she captures her unwitting prey, only to play with it before the bitter end. And be mesmerized as a temptress with a sadistic streak goes to extremes to make sure all eyes are on her.

Turn the pages, and enter an underworld of provocative delights and painful demises. But remember, no matter how clean the getaway, crime doesn’t pay—you do.

Crimes Of Passion

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