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A Perfect Gem

Melynda Beth Skinner

ISBN 0821778390
Publish Date 9/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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Seek And You Shall Find…

Conscientious and caring, Miss Leah Gray secretly returns the trinkets that her eccentric Uncle John pilfers from the unwary—but the dear old scamp just picked the wrong pocket. Unfortunately, Posthumous Jones seems to be an expert thief himself, who catches Leah red-handed as she tries to make amends. To keep her uncle out of trouble, Leah must agree to help Mr. Jones, her fellow guest at the Earl of Instep’s house party. Alas, she has no way of knowing whether the Instep Sapphire, a legendary blue gem of enormous size, belongs to Mr. Jones as he claims, and not the earl. But once the party is underway, Leah cannot escape Posthumous Jones’s watchful gaze…or ignore his very masculine charm…

…True Love At Last

Posthumous is determined to regain what is rightfully his—and he may as well amuse himself by flirting with Miss Gray while he’s about it. She is by far the prettiest woman at the party. And the most spirited. And the cleverest. In fact, darling Leah has managed to steal his heart quite away…

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