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Turning Points In Television

Larry Brody

ISBN 0806526432
Publish Date 6/1/2005
Format Trade Paperback
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Television is the medium that changed the world.

From Neil Armstrong’s historic moonwalk to O.J. Simpson’s surreal slow-speed car chase, TV brings the best and worst of life right into our living rooms. Over the past fifty years, television has united millions in moments of joy, sadness, and wonderment. We puzzled over who shot J.R., bade a tearful goodbye to M*A*S*H, booed reality show villains, fervently analyzed the shows we love—and the shows we love to hate. And TV continues to keep us under its spell with an irresistible blend of restless energy and pioneer spirit.

Veteran TV writer/executive and lifelong fan Larry Brody offers an up-close-and-personal look at twenty-three vital moments in television history. Drawing on his unique experience as an industry insider, he explores trends, technological breakthroughs, and pivotal events that shaped TV into an unrivaled business, entertainment, and cultural force. Watch in wonder with Brody as:

  • Edward R. Murrow creates TV news as we know it

  • I Love Lucy premieres and forever changes television entertainment

  • An action-packed Western aimed at kids paves the way for the mayhem on The Sopranos

  • Bill Cosby is cast in I Spy—the first African-American to star in an American drama series—and the country's perceptions on race shift

  • The home VCR alters the business and the art of television

  • Stars grab control over shows—who's going to stop them?—with surprising results

  • Hill Street Blues takes TV storytelling in unexpected directions

  • Cable is born and ushers in a new era of adult programming

  • Reality TV springs from a labor dispute that happened long before Survivor

From the audience belly-laughing at Milton Berle’s sight gags to executives arguing over Mr. Spock’s pointy ears, from prime-time soaps to Saturday night antics, from National Geographic to Wide World of Sports, here is a fun, fascinating, and authoritative look at the most memorable and significant episodes in television’s past, and at new TV developments that might just become tomorrow’s turning points.

Larry Brody is the author of Television Writing from the Inside Out: Your Channel to Success. He has written over 500 hours of network TV, including episodes for many different series and TV movies. Visit his Web site:

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