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Stranger By Night

Jeff Gelb, Michael Garrett

ISBN 0786016485
Publish Date 7/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Horror
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After Dark, Everything Changes...

Sweetness grows sinister, innocence curdles into corruption, and nothing is as it seemed by the light of day…

Watch in fascination as a heartbroken technophile tries to win back the girl of his cyber-dreams, and ends up getting a nasty virus. A hitchhiker is fascinated by his driver’s tales of carnal pleasure, until he realizes he’s being taken for a deadly ride. An exotic couple discovers that the smallest creatures can provide the greatest pleasure—and the most terrible pain. And a prickly pair of dead-and-buried squabbling sisters go to extremes to get back at the boy who did them both wrong.

Wait until after sundown, and enter a world beyond your wildest nightmares, where the darkest of pleasures become…

Stranger By Night

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