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House Of Secrets

Lowell Cauffiel

ISBN 0786011858
Publish Date 7/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, True Crime
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A True Story Of Family Murder And Madness

“Horrific, totally engrossing…A compelling look at insane brilliance. —Ann Rule

He ordered them to kill their own flesh and blood…

On an October night in 1993, at one of the campgrounds dotting Florida’s Gulf Coast, ex-con Eddie Lee Sexton told his daughter Pixie to silence her crying baby. Incredibly, the young mother smothered the helpless infant, stuffed its tiny corpse into a gym bag, and then buried it in a shallow grave, less than a moth later, Eddie Lee ordered his son Willie to strangle the baby’s bereaved dad during a family picnic. Sexton was priming his third victim when the FBI and Florida Cops finally caught up with him.

They hid his cruel abuse…

Authorities soon learned that these killings were the final heinous acts of a sadistic, incestuous monster whose reign of psychological and sexual violence had began back in Ohio. For years, Eddie Lee whipped his children daily, raped his daughters, abused his sons and even fathered three inbred Sexton babies. But in early 1992, after teenaged Michelle Sexton’s courageous flight to authorities, the walls of silence surrounding this house of horrors crumbled. By 1995, Sexton would be sitting on Florida’s death row.

House Of Secrets is a story of tragedy and dark horrors. With terrifying detail, Lowell Cauffiel takes us into a shocking world of abuse, incest and family murder—a world ruled by a psychopath whose ability to manipulate his children produced one of the most sensational cases in true crime history.

16 Pages of Shocking Photots!

About Lowell Cauffiel:

Lowell Cauffiel is an American true crime author, novelist, and TV producer. A native of Michigan, he was an award-winning reporter with the Detroit News and Detroit Monthly Magazine during the 1970s and 1980s. Cauffiel began his book-writing career in 1988 with Masquerade: A True Story of Seduction, Compulsion and Murder. That title and the 1997 New York Times bestseller House of Secrets have appeared on numerous critics’ lists of the best works in American true crime. In 2002, Cauffiel began writing and producing crime documentaries. Cauffiel is a surfer and motorcyclist. He has worked in alcohol and drug rehabilitation circles as a volunteer and headed a research grant about alcohol problems among young people for the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) for the National Institutes of Health. Visit him on Facebook.

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