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The Pursuit Of A Proper Husband

Glenda Garland

ISBN 0821778196
Publish Date 7/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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Secrets Of The Heart

If you want me, you must prove yourself… Meg Grantham hopes her challenge will deter Noel, the handsome and ardent Viscount Reversby, whose kisses could tempt her into an indiscretion. Anne, Noel’s late wife, was widowed Meg’s dearest friend and confidante. The two women shared a secret that they swore never to reveal—a secret that Noel would very much like to learn. But to Meg’s dismay, Noel makes short work of the first task she sets him. Very well—he will simply have to do something no man has ever done.

Find a husband for Mrs. Grantham’s shrewish niece? Impossible! Noel never imagined the alluring Mrs. Grantham could challenge him in this fashion. Still, for the love of so compelling a lady, he would do anything…anything at all…

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