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Sabbat Entertaining

Willow Polson

ISBN 0806523514
Publish Date 7/25/2006
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, General
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Trade Paperback

There are entertaining books for almost every “traditional” holiday, but where is a good Wiccan host(ess) to turn for creative, practical advice on Sabbat entertaining? Here, at last, is the ultimate resource for every Wiccan who loves crafts, cooking, and good company.

From casual, at-home coven gatherings to large public rituals with potluck buffets, Sabbat Entertaining shows you how to infuse every event with Wiccan spirit. In each chapter, you’ll find seasonal recipes and meal plans, games and activities to entertain young and old alike, holiday crafts and gifts, beautifully effective decorating ideas, and a wealth of holiday lore and traditions.

Whether your tastes (and budget) are geared toward simple or elaborate entertaining, here are wonderful ways to enhance each of the eight Sabbat festivals. During Yule time, treat your guests to Pomegranate Pie and Spiked Hot Cocoa, and create fragrant kissing balls to fill your home with scents of the season. On Beltane, the most sensual Wiccan feast day, concoct your own aromatic massage oils. Relish the bounty of the Lord and Lady during Mabon by hosting a crop harvesting party. No matter what the occasion, Sabbat Entertaining has everything you need to make your holidays unique and unforgettable.

Willow Polson, Pagan for most of her life, describes her current path as an eclectic blend of Kemetic, Wiccan, and whatever the land itself whispers on the wind. The author of Witch Crafts, Pagan Rituals, and The Veil’s Edge, Willow lives in Stanislaus National Forest, California, overlooking Yosemite National Park.

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