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What He Doesn't Know

Lisa Noeli

ISBN 0821778188
Publish Date 6/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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Her Secret Admirer

Miss Josephine Shy is blessed with an exquisite soprano voice that no one outside her family circle will ever hear. As the daughter of a thoroughly respectable vicar, she cannot appear on stage. But when her rapscallion brother bankrolls a new musical theatre production and the famous star loses her voice, Josephine agrees to sing the part—behind a screen, of course. Soon all of London is humming the score of The Shepherdess—and its flock of live sheep are the sensation of the season!

All the more reason for the music-loving Lord Daniel York to attend every performance. He is enthralled by the star’s exquisite voice, if not her appearance. But when a wayward lamb knocks over the screen and Josephine is revealed at last in all her blushing glory, Lord York falls head over heels in love…

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