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The Captain

Lynn Collum

ISBN 0821778331
Publish Date 4/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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Still Waters…Stormy Passion

If Andrew Morrow knows anything, it’s his own mind. He has no intention of following through on an arranged marriage to merchant’s daughter Jacinda Blanchett—especially when he loves another. He’ll set out for India to make his fortune. But eight years later, returning to England the captain of a ship, victorious, wealthy, and expecting to wed the woman he left behind, he finds his father living in poverty, his “beloved” married, and his unwanted fiancée missing under mysterious circumstances. His rash decision was the first link in a chain of misfortune, but he’s determined to break it—and when he tracks down Jacinda, he knows it won’t be easy. For she is as stubborn as he, and too alluring to resist. Suddenly, marrying this bold young woman is the only fate he will consider—as long as he can convince her that the passion flaring between them is proof of love…

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About Lynn Collum:

Lynn Collum is a second generation Floridian whose grandparents settled in Central Florida in 1912 (at that time, there were far more cattle than tourists). After earning a BA in Education at the University of South Florida, she began working for the Department of Defense in Zweibruken, Germany, teaching the children of military personnel. While in Europe, she met the man who would become her husband. The two were married at the local city hall by a German judge. After four years abroad, the couple returned to the states and relocated to Atlanta, GA. This southern city is where they lived for ten years and started a family. Lynn and her husband have two children in college as well as a cat, a dog, and a horse.

Lynn began to write seriously in 1994 after taking a writing course at the local college. She sold her first Regency romance, entitled A Game of Chance, to Zebra in 1995. Since that time, she has written five novels and six novellas for Zebra. Her titles include The Spy's Bride; Lady Miranda's Masquerade (May 1999); and An Unlikely Father (December 1999). Lynn's works are also included in the anthologies A Winter's Kiss, Christmas Kittens, and Dangerous and Dashing. Her second book, Elizabeth and the Major, won the 1998 Critic's Choice Award for Best Regency from Affaire de Coeur Magazine.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Central Florida Romance Writers, Volusia County Romance Writers, The Beau Monde Chapter, and The Author's Guild. One of her favorite pastimes is teaching workshops on writing techniques to help novice authors.

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