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A Summer's Day

Lisa Noeli

ISBN 0821777483
Publish Date 3/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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Kittens and Kisses

Lord William Kent hoped to spend a tranquil summer at his country house, but his young niece and nephew, Caroline and Charlie, have turned his life upside down. The dear children are running wild--along with their cherished pet Nefret, a most unusual feline of Egyptian pedigree, who has fallen head over paws for old Blimey, the toughest, ugliest tomcat in the village. The inevitable result--a litter of tiny kittens--has appeared in Lord Kent’s favorite hat and their mother has decreed that they shall not be moved. Will no one help him?

To the rescue: Miss Emma Snow, the children’s new governess. She seems to have a way with cats and children--and Lord Kent is beguiled by her beauty and her wit. Spending long summer days with her is a pleasure indeed…and it is not long before the lord is in love…

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