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Lady Olivia To The Rescue

Julia Parks

ISBN 0821777165
Publish Date 2/1/2005
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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How To Cheer A Sad Widower?

Drew Benton, Marquess of Sheridan, has no time for the beau monde's frivolities, particularly when society turns a blind eye to the city’s poor. If he is considered cynical—some would say positively misanthropic—it’s of little consequence to him. As is the ton's latest darling, Lady Olivia Cunningham. Wealthy, beautiful, and possessed of the sunniest disposition Sheridan has ever encountered, she is quick to find the good in everyone—even, apparently, him.

Why, Fall In Love With Him, Of Course!

A friend to the ton's wallflowers and all who are in need, Olivia is kind-hearted and generous by nature. Although her latest secret crusade is offering aid to the women of the demimonde, she is determined to spare time for Lord Sheridan. Never has Olivia met a man who so desperately requires a woman's love…

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