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The African-American Bookshelf: 50 Must-Reads From Before the Civil War

Clifford Mason

ISBN 0806526416
Publish Date 12/1/2004
Format Trade Paperback
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The Finest Books Ever Written About The African-American Experience

African-American literature is rich with classic works of social, political, and historical merit. This collection of essays on the fifty greatest, most influential, and most culturally significant books ever written by and about African-Americans documents and celebrates the contributions black men and women have made to America, from before the Civil War to the present day.

Noted scholar and teacher Clifford Mason provides a deep and telling commentary on each work's exalted place in our history and its impact on our culture, while explaining how it rose above other stellar works to be selected for this special volume. Among these extraordinary works are J. A. Rogers's The World's Greatest Men of Color, novels by Richard Wright and Zora Neale Hurston, The Negro in the Civil War by Benjamin Quarles, The Guardian of Boston: Monroe Trotter by Stephen Fox, and Calvin Hernton’s Sex and Racism in America. The list also includes the life stories of such luminaries as Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X, and W.E.B. Du Bois.

Inspiring and insightful, The African-American Bookshelf is a perfect resource for libraries and reading groups, and an essential reading list for all Americans who wish to learn more about where we’ve been as a nation—and what our future might hold.

“A college course complete in one volume, but the style is anything but musty or academic.” —Carib News

“Read these [books] would have a good grasp of the African-American experience in all its permutations.” —Herb Boyd, New York Amsterdam News

Clifford Mason is a playwright, scholar, teacher, and professional writer. His plays, including Sister Sadie, The Pilgrim Fathers, and The Trial of Denmark Vesey, have been produced and performed throughout New York City. He lives in New York.

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