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Diary Of A Crack Addict's Wife

Cynthia D. Hunter

ISBN 0758208340
Publish Date 1/1/2005
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Biography, Dafina
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“Riveting…This book is a groundbreaking testimony…[with] an amazing insight and understanding of the changes a family has to endure before finally growing strong enough to simply say, ‘enough is enough.’” —Sean C. Robinson, Publisher, GFA Magazines

“In your very wildest of dreams, can you imagine yourself marrying a crack addict…?”

So begins this riveting, harrowing true story of a wife’s descent into a nightmare of drugs, fear, and violence. At twenty-five, Cynthia Hunter was a respected army veteran with a good job, a sweet seven-year-old son, and a no-nonsense attitude—the sort of take-charge woman no one ever thought to worry about. But from the minute she met Mark Davis, the man with “the tight-framed body…jet-black wavy hair and those beautiful brown eyes,” Cynthia fell under his spell. Gregarious, smart, and charming, with a job on Wall Street, Mark promised her the world. What she didn’t know was what a world it would be—the world of a crack addict’s wife. Three months pregnant when she discovered the truth about Mark, Cynthia hid her “terrible secret” from friends, family, and co-workers, while her husband’s worsening addiction turned him from the loving, generous man she’d known into a monster capable of anything.

In this candid, heartwrenching tale, Cynthia delivers a straight-up account of her three-year rollercoaster ride with the addict she loved: the stealing, the lying, the betrayals, the terrifying bursts of violence that left her fearing for her life, the tearful reconciliations and hopeful attempts at rehab, the birth of their child, and the final, desperate act that allowed her to walk away and live in freedom at last.

As powerful in its love as it is brutal in its honesty, Diary of a Crack Addict’s Wife is a searing memoir of one woman’s fight to emerge from dark into the light that offers inspiring proof that every woman has the strength to change her life.

“Ms. Hunter has broken new ground in the literary world…I applaud her for her courage.” —The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“In a time when the word ‘addiction’ has been overused and abused, Hunter tells a story which may save the lives of our children. In sharing her experience, she gives the gift of knowledge and insight.” —Dr. Jane R. Rosen-Grandon, Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist

Cynthia D. Hunter is an award-winning author and the energetic mother of two beautiful sons. She is also the founder of the Turning Point Advantage Institute, which is committed to providing motivation and encouragement to women in abusive situations, helping them to restore their faith and empowering them with the inspirational tools they need in order to survive after an abusive relationship. Stepping out on faith and believing that she could move mountains through her belief in God, Cynthia has excelled in helping others learn how they too can take control of their own lives and find true happiness through positive thinking and visualization. She lives in Paterson, NJ.

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