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Arms Of Destruction: Ranking The World's Best Land Weapons Of WW II

Robert A. Slayton

ISBN 0806525827
Publish Date 10/1/2004
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Military
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The Ultimate Guide To The Land Weaponry Of The Big One

World War II left behind a legacy of guts and glory—but its technology still ignites debate among military experts and enthusiasts alike. Was the Tiger the best tank of the war? Were Shermans war-winners—or death traps? Does the 88 mm cannon live up to its reputation? Was the German tank force really as effective as legend has it? If not, why all those victories?

Acclaimed historian and author Robert Slayton has all the answers. From tank destroyers to armored cars, bolt-action rifles to semi-automatics, mortars to anti-tank guns—here are rock-hard rulings on which machines made the grade and why. Slayton’s guide, vetted by a senior Marine officer, rates each on factors like reliability, accuracy, firepower, speed, and availability. Arms of Destruction includes hair-raising anecdotes from the men who really used these weapons—often depending on them for their very lives—and fascinating historical facts that place each device in context. Slayton’s clear-cut descriptions demystify complicated military technology and reveal each machine’s advantages, flaws, and unique characteristics.

Robert A. Slayton is a professor of History at Chapman University, Orange, California. He is the author of the highly praised Empire Statesman and Back of the Yards. He lives in Orange County, California.

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