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Hot Blood

Jeff Gelb, Lonn Friend

ISBN 0786016434
Publish Date 6/1/2004
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Horror
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Unrequited passions…Unspeakable desires. The most seductive sins of all…

Prepare to enter a world of obsession and attraction—a place where true love succumbs to total terror, lust may cost you your life, and what happens in the dark, stays in the dark…

Those who dare explore this bone-chilling collection will be transported to the razor’s edge between pleasure and pain, where irresistible infatuation and unholy evil join together in a decadent dance.

Embrace the unknown and hold on tightly for a tour of the shadowy realm that exists between human needs and inhuman horrors, as today’s most compelling and gifted writers draw you into the hidden corners of the mind where love and fear make the strangest bedfellows…

“One of the best put-together anthologies I’ve seen in years…rush out and buy HOT BLOOD—but don’t say we didn’t warn you that you’ll be up all night reading it.” —Fangoria

“A major anthology designed, quite literally, to scare the pants off the reader.” —2 AM magazine

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