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Body Balance

Karta Purkh S. Khalsa

ISBN 0758202679
Publish Date 2/1/2004
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Twin Streams, Traditional
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Keep Your Health In Balance

As disease runs rampant and modern “super germs” prove resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics, the key to preventing illness isn't in taking stronger and stronger medicines, but in achieving the natural, healthy balance our bodies were meant to have.

For decades, scientists have known that pH, the measurement of acidity or alkalinity in our bodies, is among the most important aspects of this balance, yet for too long modern Western medicine has ignored its critical impact upon our health. Just as acid rain eats away at our environment, so too does a highly acidic pH level deteriorate our bodies. The consequences of this imbalance are dramatic, contributing to high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, osteoporosis, and many other serious conditions.

In this comprehensive yet accessible book, herbalist and educator Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa explains pH's pivotal role in maintaining optimum health, shows how to evaluate your own pH levels, and then offers a multitude of ways to achieve this balance naturally, easily, and with a minimum of fuss. He reveals why most Americans' pH levels are far too acidic and demonstrates how pH balancing is critical for proper cellular function. You'll learn the hundreds of foods that can help you correct pH in the short term and long term, and which foods and supplements provide specific relief for such common ailments as asthma, indigestion, hypertension, joint pain, and more. Inside you'll find:

  • “The Cleanse”—a proven, ten-day method for clearing unhealthy pH levels from your system

  • The Four Wheel Balance of Foods, and how it can dramatically improve your health

  • The vital importance of pH balance concepts in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • Special treatment programs for children

  • A personal dietary questionnaire that will help determine your precise needs

  • Practical tips for incorporating pH-balancing foods and herbal supplements into your daily life

  • Delicious, pH-balancing recipes, informative sidebars, resource lists, and much more!

Karta Purkh S. Khalsa, C.D.-N., R.H. is an herbalist and educator with more than thirty years of clinical experience, and an acknowledged expert on Western, Chinese, European and Native American herbal medicine. In addition, he is a certified dietician-nutritionist, a certified massage therapist, and an internationally certified yoga teacher. A registered herbalist with The American Herbalists Guild and a founder of the Washington Herbalists Association, he is an accomplished writer whose articles have appeared in many publications, including Yoga Journal, Vegetarian Times, Let's Live, and many others. He lives just outside of Seattle.

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