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I Choose To Stay

Salome Thomas-El, Cecil Murphey

ISBN 9780758201874
Publish Date 1/1/2004
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Dafina, Biography
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The challenges of working in an urban school are not for every teacher. Some get burnt out fast. Some lose sight of why they started teaching to begin with. Some find their calling in other neighborhoods…with other kids. But not Salome Thomas-EL. A teacher at Roberts Vaux Middle School in Philadelphia’s inner city, he chose to stay. Gripping, poignant, and surprisingly honest, this is his blistering real-life tale of mentoring and making a difference—and of how the reformation of America’s educational system can start with just one school.

I Choose To Stay
Salome Thomas-EL

Embodying the best qualities of education pioneers Joe Clark and Jaime Escalante, Salome Thomas-EL is a black man dedicated to changing the lives—and dreams—of inner city kids. Born in 1964, one of eight children, Salome grew up in the Philadelphia projects. But identified early as “gifted,” he had doors opened to him that are closed to most. In a media-related job, talking with superstars such as Julius Erving and Maurice Cheeks, he was on the fast track to success. But he couldn’t forget his roots, or the children of the inner city.

In the late 1980s, he went back into disadvantaged neighborhoods and into the classroom. As teacher, mentor, and in most cases, the only positive male role model in these children’s lives, Salome Thomas-EL would do something extraordinary: he would lead the girls and boys of his school to victory as they competed in three major championships. Chess championships.

About Salome Thomas-El:

Salome Thomas-EL is a national education expert, media consultant, and former award-winning teacher and principal in Philadelphia. He has motivated thousands of parents and students to embrace the philosophy that education and hard work come before success. Thomas-EL received national acclaim as a teacher and chess coach, and his students have gone on to become National Chess Champions.  He is a national board member of America’s Foundation for Chess and keynotes scores of school district convocations, national and state conferences, and motivational presentations for students around the country.  He has been called “An American Icon” by Reader’s Digest magazine and received the distinguished Martin Luther King Award.  Principal EL is a regular guest contributor on the first season of The Dr. Oz Show and frequently appears on C-SPAN, CNN, and NPR Radio. His first book, I Choose to Stay, was optioned by Disney Films. Learn more about Salome and his students at

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