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Dark Morning

William H. Lovejoy

ISBN 0786004924
Publish Date 3/1/1998
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, High Tech
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A former U.S. Marine Colonel turned World Health Organization official has just seen the first sign of it... An Israeli Shin Bet secret agent has just traced it to its source... And now, the powder keg known as the Middle East is about to be rocked by its unleashing: a bacterial disease used as a weapon of terror...

Dark Morning

Millions of dollars in World Bank aid has been promised to the war-ravaged land—if Israeli and Palestinian leaders can keep the peace. But their dream of rebirth is soon jeopardized by a cult of organized fanatics seeking war with a vicious new form of terrorism. The water supply of a Jewish settlement has already been poisoned. Now, with two Americans held hostage and time running out, the Sword of God is ready to strike its most devastating blow...and destroy the people of Jerusalem.

Dark Morning

From William H. Lovejoy comes this blockbuster novel set in a world where cars become bombs, suicide becomes mass murder, and furious passions explode into acts of heroism—or terror. With the battle taking a deadly new turn, patriots, doctors, deal-makers and spies are locked in the ultimate struggle for life, as a shell-shocked world waits.

About William H. Lovejoy:

William H. Lovejoy is the author of twenty thriller, suspense, and mystery novels with publications in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Hebrew.

As a "master storyteller" according to Clive Cussler, Lovejoy has a penchant for taking a current event and projecting it into the near future, with a twist-a new super airport for Hong Kong, a takeover of Antarctica, superegos battling on the Internet. His stories are richly detailed with the culture of place as well as the high technology that may threaten it. And since events never take place in a vacuum, Lovejoy's novels are flavored with the multiple layers of the governments and bureaucracies that influence decisions and affect individual actions. Nelson DeMille reviewed China Dome as "A nice blend of high-tech, corporate espionage, subterfuge, and sabotage. A very rewarding read; tightly plotted, well-written, and thoroughly engaging."

An army brat born at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Lovejoy grew up in Nebraska, Montana, and Colorado. He worked his way through degrees at Colorado State University as an interior designer and graduate teaching assistant. He is a Vietnam veteran and has served as a college assistant professor of English, a state college president, a college system chief fiscal officer, and a management consultant. He resides in Arizona, where he is vice president for administration at Mohave Community College.

A frequent commentator for writing workshops, he has taught writing as an adjunct faculty member of the University of Northern Colorado, and as a faculty member of the Pikes Peak Writers' Conference. Lovejoy is a member of Mystery Writers of America, and has written non-fiction articles for The Writer and Writer's Digest.

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