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A Catered Murder

Isis Crawford

ISBN 157566710X
Publish Date 12/1/2003
Format Hardcover
Categories Kensington, General
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Bernadette Simmons wasn’t sure what to expect when she left L.A.—and her no-good, cheating boyfriend—to move back in with her too-close-for-comfort family in New York. And her sister Libby had no idea what she was in for when she hired Bernie to work for her catering business. But in between cutting up canapes and dishing up desserts, the two find themselves in the midst of a mystery they can really sink their teeth into…

It’s only been a few days since Libby hired her sister Bernie to help out at A Little Taste of Heaven, and already they’ve got their hands full—baking cookies and slicing rare beef tenderloin to serve at a high school reunion. The dinner has a “Dracula” theme and a very strange guest of honor: Laird Wrenn, a New York Times bestselling author of vampire novels. From the minute he sweeps into the school cafeteria—decked out in a cape, accompanied by some truly odd hangers-on—Libby and Bernie know this will be an evening unlike any other. And they’re right. During his after dinner speech, Lionel pours a glass of water, takes a long sip—and drops stone-cold dead…

Talk about a recipe for disaster. Especially since the police are still combing through the dinner leftovers for clues—and have made it perfectly clear that they consider Libby a suspect. True, Libby had an argument with Lionel the day of his murder. But there are plenty of other people—Lionel’s recently spurned girlfriend and his chatty publicity agent among them—who make much more plausible murderers. Now Libby and Bernie will have to put their heads together to figure out whodunit—in a mystery that promises to be deadly to the very last bite…

Includes 7 Delectable Recipes for You to Try!

About Isis Crawford:

Isis Crawford was born in Egypt to parents who were in the diplomatic corps. When she was five, her family returned to the States, where her mother opened a restaurant in Upper Westchester County and her father became a university professor. Since then Isis has combined her parents’ love of food and travel by running a catering service as well as penning numerous travel-related articles about places ranging from Omsk to Paraguay. Married, with twin boys, she presently resides in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, where she is working on the next Bernie and Libby culinary mystery. Readers can visit her website at

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