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One Night With A Rogue

Linda Madl, Candace McCarthy, Debbie Raleigh

ISBN 0821775324
Publish Date 6/1/2003
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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When three spirited young women succeed in seducing three notorious rogues, who knows what complications will ensue, what passions will be stirred…or whose hearts will be captured…

“Lady Jane's Lover” by Candace McCarthy

Journeying to Essex, Jane Graham never expects to be set upon by highwaymen. Nor does she anticipate having a mysterious stranger ride to her rescue. But Jane is in for an even greater surprise when her hero turns out to be Broc Lawson, the wickedly handsome nobleman she once worshipped from afar…a man who's about to tempt her at very close range…

“Beyond Temptation” by Linda Madl

The youngest of seven daughters, beguiling Eden has been chosen to act as caretaker to their aging papa. Not to be dissuaded from enjoying life's adventures, when she meets Anthony, Viscount Romleigh, a devastatingly attractive rake of the first order, Eden makes a most indecent proposal: that he become her lover for one night only…never realizing that one night will never be enough…

“Night of Seduction” by Debbie Raleigh

Soft-hearted Charity Malone wants nothing so much as to find a way to comfort her friend, Anthony, Lord Caldwell, who blames himself for his younger brother's death. But nothing she does or says seems to reach him…until the night he catches her in his garden, a feminine figure veiled by darkness. Suddenly, Charity finds herself engaged in a dangerous game of flirtation…dangerous because it can only end one way: with Charity in his arms and Anthony in her heart…


About Linda Madl:

Linda Madl has been writing most of her life — from her first short story written in the sixth grade up to her work-in-progress. Her publishing credits include eight novels, five novellas, several short stories, many nonfiction articles, and an award-winning newsletter.

She began her writing career in St. Louis, Missouri, where she lived for twenty years. The first of her historical romance novels came out in 1989. Three of her books were named finalists for Romantic Times Readers' Choice Awards.

Currently Madl is president of the newly organized Kansas Romance Writers. As a communicator, she is a member of several professional organizations including Romance Writers of America, Novelists Inc., and Toastmasters International.

Madl describes herself as a realistic romantic who believes there is someone for everyone, no matter how strange and impossible a match may seem. Besides a good story, she loves chocolate, piano music, autumn-hued prairies, and blue skies.

She lives with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and a parakeet in the Flint Hills area of Kansas. She fills her nonwriting hours with family, friends, travel, and gardening.

About Candace McCarthy:

Candace McCarthy loved to read romances from the first moment she picked one up over twenty-four years ago. She began to write one after reading a story that made her laugh. Her enjoyment prompted her to put pen to paper. She thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I could bring the same pleasure to other readers?" Sound corny? Maybe, but it's true. And she's been writing them ever since.

Candace has 18 books to her credit—fifteen novels and three novellas. Among her titles are Irish Rogue, Irish Lace, Fireheart, and Wild Innocence, which are just a few of the titles published by Zebra Books. She has been listed among the Favorite Top Ten List for Affair de Coeur Magazine, and her book, White Bear's Woman, a Zebra Lovegram, won the National Readers' Choice Award for the Best Long Historical Romance of 1998.

At home, she lives with her husband of twenty-seven years, and her dog Montana, a Siberian Husky mix. She has a grown son, who recently married. She enjoys arts and crafts, music, gardening, and her Teddy Bear collection. And she loves to hear from her readers.

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