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Faire Game

Jo Ann Ferguson

ISBN 0821775219
Publish Date 6/1/2003
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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Intrepid Lady Priscilla Flanders and her rakish friend Sir Neville Hathaway return to bucolic Hempten-on-Heath in Jo Ann Ferguson's newest tale of Regency romance and adventure, only to find that murder has cast a pall on the Michaelmas Faire…

A Killer Takes Aim…

After a hair-raising Season in London, Lady Priscilla Flanders is eager to return to the pastoral charm of Hempten-on-Heath, and the simple pleasures of Lord Stenborough's annual Michaelmas Faire. Sure that the travelling players and the brightly colored tents of wares will erase the memory of a summer spent investigating murder, Priscilla is startled to hear that one of the actors has been killed by a crossbow. An unfortunate accident? She can only hope so…

Neville Hathaway is not so certain. One of his friends was injured in the incident—and he cannot bear the idea that Priscilla or her children will come to harm. When the vicar urges Priscilla to get to the bottom of the matter as she has done so admirably before, Neville is determined, as usual, to help. But while their snooping leads to some very pleasant moments alone together, he suspects that it may also lead them into straight into danger…

About Jo Ann Ferguson:

Jo Ann Ferguson is the best-selling author of Regencies and historicals for Kensington, paranormals for ImaJinn and historicals for Jove (where she writes as Joanna Hampton), Harper, New Concepts Publishing, and Tudor. She writes (as Jo Ann Brown) inspirational romance for MountainView Publishing. She also sold a historical suspense to M. Evans and contributed to an encyclopedia published by Garland on the English Regency period. She is the editor of Now That You've Sold Your Book. ..What Next? and wrote the clause by clause explanation of contracts included in it. Her May 1997 Regency THE COUNTERFEIT COUNT won the ARTemis Award from Romance Writers of America.

She currently serves as the national president of the Romance Writers of America and was the recipient of the Emma Merritt Service Award, the highest honor for volunteer work from RWA. She has previously been a national director and Vice President. She received the first Robert Goldrick Service Award from the New England Chapter/ Romance Writers of America. She was awarded a Massachusetts Art Grant to teach creative writing, and she established the romance writing course at Brown University. She shares her life with her favorite hero - her husband Bill - her three children, one very arrogant cat and a rambunctious kitten in Pennsylvania.

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