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Cubans In America

Alex Anton, Roger E. Hernandez

ISBN 1575666782
Publish Date 5/1/2003
Format Trade Paperback
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From Key West to New York City to Chicago and L.A., Cuban Americans have been a people searching for freedom, preserving the memories of the island they left behind, and determined to make their mark on their adopted country. This illustrated companion to the television show brings four colorful centuries of Cubans in America alive for the very first time, conveying with photographs and powerful words, their roots, their struggles, and their distinctly Cuban voice.

Cubans In America

The story begins in the 16th century with the settlement of St. Augustine, Florida, when a sophisticated island with its jewel city of Havana established its America links. Two centuries later, Cuba came to the aid of the young colonies by contributing soldiers and money to the American Revolution. For Cubans, America would soon become a place of refuge from political struggle that originated with the first exodus in the 1820s when the island sought freedom from Spain. From those turbulent years comes the intriguing story behind the making of the Cuban flag, designed in New York by poet Miguel Teurbe Tolón, as well as the moving account of Jose Marti, the Father of Cuban independence, who mobilized thousands of cigar makers in New York, Tampa, and Key West to fight against the colonial rule of their homeland.

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