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Dating Can Be Murder

Jennifer Apodaca

ISBN 0758200757
Publish Date 4/1/2003
Format Paperback
Categories Kensington, General
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A Whole New Woman

Samantha Shaw remembers a time when she believed in true love. When buying Heart Mates—the dating service her now-deceased husband did business with—seemed like a good idea. But her romantic reveries ended the day she found a stash of sexy panties (not hers) hidden in his car. Leaving Sam with one question: What else was the cheating creep hiding?

Try an illegal drug trade—and a whole lot of money. That's just some of what surfaces after a man walks into Heart Mates and promises to kill Sam—and her kids—if she doesn't come up with the cash her spouse stole.

On that disturbing note, Sam decides to really get down to business. Inspired by the savvy heroines of the romance novels she reviews as a hobby, she comes up with a catchy new slogan, gives herself a sexy new makeover, and sets out to rejuvenate Heart Mates—all while tracking down the thug who threatened her. But when she finds him, it becomes chillingly clear that someone even more dangerous is gunning for her. It's enough to set most women shaking in their stilettos. Not Sam. She's got a business to run, a mystery to solve, and a life to save…her own.

“Dating Can Be Murder is an amusing start to a promising new series. Readers who like their mysteries light, with a healthy dollop of humor, won't want to miss this one." —The Mystery Reader

About Jennifer Apodaca:

I went back to college after my three sons, Matt, Gary and Paul, were born. Beginning with a vague idea of earning a marketing degree, I ended up pursuing a writing career with the full support of my husband, Dan.

First I tried to tame my naturally edgy voice into writing romance, but dead bodies and quirky humor turned up with alarming regularity. So did rejection letters in my mailbox! Dan nagged me to write something contemporary and funny. My mother dropped a hint about trying something modern. My sister mentioned how good I'd be at writing a comedy, maybe even a mystery. Dan agreed with them.

Finally, frustration drove me to murder, fictionally speaking, of course.

Dating Can Be Murder is the first book in the Samantha Shaw Mystery Series. Sam's a woman determined to make a new life for herself and her two sons. She has a little plastic surgery to fill out her tight sweaters, drops a few pounds off her waist and inches off her skirts, buys a dating service and embarks on a hilarious and dangerous adventure.

And so, I have been forced to admit that my husband, mother and sister were right. Not entirely humbled, these days I am busy plotting future adventures for Samantha Shaw!

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