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202 Pets' Peeves

Cal Orey

ISBN 0806524421
Publish Date 3/1/2003
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, General
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Discover what your pet really thinks of you!

Sure, your pet loves you, but even the cuddliest cat or most delightful dog has issues. Written from the perspective of the one who matters most—your pet—this fun, fascinating, and revealing book gives the dog’s-eye and cat’s-eye views on life. Now you can find out why they look at you adoringly, and what sends them scurrying under the bed in fear or disgust. Cal Orey has consulted top animal behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians, getting the most up-to-date advice on everything from grooming gaffes to the right and wrong kinds of exercise, the long and short of leashes, and dealing with personality problems—yours and theirs. Also included are amusing anecdotes, along with a generous list of animal-friendly activities and other pet-related resources. Written in a warm and witty style, and packed with timeless tips to keep tails wagging happily, 202 Pets' Peeves is a must-read for every animal lover!

You’ll more than scratch the surface on 101 Feline Peeves, including:

  • Food—the boring, the bad, and the dangerous

  • The real scoop on litter boxes

  • Giving your kitty the wrong cat toy

  • Romancing an anti-cat mate—hiss!

  • Treating your cat like a dog, or, “What the heck do you mean, ‘Come!’”

  • And more information that every cat lover should know!

And put a leash on 101 Canine Peeves, including:

  • The skinny on overfeeding

  • The fast track to training

  • Taking a bite out of fleas

  • Visiting the vet and other necessary evils

  • And more information that every dog lover should know!

Cal Orey is an accomplished author and journalist. She has a master’s degree in English (creative writing) from San Francisco State University and in the past decade has written hundreds of articles for a variety of national magazines. She specializes in topics as diverse as health, nutrition, relationships, and pets. Her articles on pets have appeared in publications such as Woman’s World, Complete Woman, Dog World, AKC Gazette, and Dog Fancy, and on the Web sites and Ms. Orey is also the author of The Essential Guide to Natural Pet Care: Cancer and The Essential Guide to Natural Pet Care: Epilepsy, and Doctors’ Orders: What 101 Doctors Do to Stay Healthy. She lives in Northern California.

Dylan is a pedigreed Brittany who is registered with the American Kennel Club. He has been Cal Orey’s muse in several pet publications and in books such as The Essential Guide To Natural Pet Care: Epilepsy. He is a fun-loving, energetic senior dog who loves to run, swim, point, and chase imaginary birds. Born on September 22, he is a sensitive and intellectual Virgo on the cusp of Libra, which gives him his canine charisma and a people-loving nature.

Kerouac, aka K.C., is a mixed-breed domestic longhaired cat who was saved by a private rescue organization in the California Sierras. He was able to sit still long enough to get a master’s degree in Meow Meow from San Francisco State University. He wrote On the Fence, his best-known and most popular book, in just three weeks, typing on empty cat litter bags. He is a chatty Gemini and a self-assured cat with a mind of his own. He was the author of the “Dear Kerouac” column.

About Cal Orey:

Cal Orey, M.A., is an accomplished author and journalist. She has a master’s degree in English from San Francisco State University, and for three decades has written hundreds of articles for national and international magazines. She specializes in topics such as health, beauty, nutrition, relationships, science, and pets. Her books include The Healing Powers of Vinegar, The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, The Healing Powers of Coffee, The Healing Powers of Honey, The Healing Powers of Chocolate, The Healing Powers of Tea, 202 Pets’ Peeves, and Doctors’ Orders. She lives in northern California. Readers are invited to visit her website at, read her blog The Writing Gourmet at, find her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

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