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Love Prescription

Jeffrey Gardere

ISBN 0758202512
Publish Date 12/1/2002
Format Hardcover
Categories Dafina, Self Help
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Love Prescription

A war is raging that you won’t see on CNN: its battleground is the heart, and its combatants are black men vs. black women. Dr. Jeff Gardere, aka Dr. Jeff, host of Hit It, the popular call-in radio show about black relationships, covers this war 24/7, both on the air and in his four psychotherapy clinics. He knows what problems today’s brothers and sisters face, and he knows how to help.

Falling for a line is like hypnosis: You can only be put under if you are willing to go there.

First, Dr. Jeff candidly exposes what black men and women are really saying about each other. Here are the gripes that hurt the most, from the cheating man’s “It Wasn’t Me” the angry woman’s “No black man is any good” attitude.

Then the doctor dares to give up all the ways and means of the black man’s romantic antics. He tells all...from the male point of view. Here is what men do and why they do it. And he pulls no punches when he reveals what women must do to stop the nonsense and lies. But, most of all he gently advises how both men and women can stop the blame game and get on with getting together.

Part of the problem is PTSD...Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder

Dr. Jeff gets to the root of the problem when he discusses PTSD, and how it’s created long-standing complexes about hair, complexions, and being together. He tackles the controversial theory that black men are genetically programmed to cheat. He deals head-on with helping black women shoulder the responsibility for their bad choices--and make better ones. And finally he teaches how to break the cycle of fatherless families by helping our children learn to love.

Filled with real-life stories packed with drama, heartbreak, and steamy, roller-coaster passion, Love Prescription will hold you spellbound—and energize you with hope, frank words, and sound advice for healing hearts...and embracing lasting, fulfilling love.

Jeffrey Gardere, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, is founder and Executive Director of Rainbow Psychological Services in New York City. Besides his radio talk show, Hit It, he has hosted Ask the Family Therapist on America’s Health Network and has appeared often on Oprah!, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, The Rickie Lake Show and Montel Williams. He is the author of Smart Parenting for African Americans, and lives in New York City with his family.


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