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OOPS! They Did It Again!

Matteo Molinari, Jim Kamm

ISBN 0806523204
Publish Date 10/1/2002
Format Paperback
Categories Citadel, TV/Film/Theatre
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From The Creators Of OOPS! Comes an all-new blunder batch of epic proportions!

In Glory, as a group of children wave to a platoon of soldiers, one child (in the lower right hand corner of the screen) is wearing a gloriously translucent digital watch (01:01)


As the Spy Kids explore a hideout, Juni snaps a handcuff around his right wrist, then it jumps onto his left wrist and then back around his right. (00:35)


In The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf pins Sam on a table, while books and papers behind the hobbit keep moving on the floor (00:35)


They Did It Again!

Oh, what the heck, who's going to notice? Well, for starters, Matteo Molinari and Jim Kamm who have obsessively catalogued, sorted, scrutinized, and 100% verified the biggest blockbuster bloopers, gaffes, and mistakes ever unreeled before our eyes. In this equally compulsive follow-up to Oops! Movie Mistakes That Made the Cut*, they actually deliver what most sequels only promise: absolutely all-new material! Plus:

  • More directors, casts, running times and years of release

  • More uncredited cameos

  • More fun facts and side-bar trivia

  • More bloopers time-coded down to the minute

  • More oddities, mistakenly reported errors, and debunked movie lore

Matteo Molinari and Jim Kamm, both live in Los Angeles (where else?), and invite fellow gaffe hounds to visit them online at

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