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Magically Delicious

Jo Goodman, Hannah Howell, Linda Madl

ISBN 0821773488
Publish Date 11/1/2002
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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In these three sinfully delicious tales, there is nothing more seductive or magical than the comforts of food, especially when used to nourish the heart, stoke the flames of desire, and bring the spice of love to its fullest flavor…

A Basket Of Magic by Jo Goodman

When shy, quiet Abby Winslow travels to the isolated home of recluse Dylan Kincannon on a whim, she never expects to find the usually glowering mountain man desperately weak from illness. The poor man could perish unless Abby’s herb-infused goodies can nurse him back to health…and into her heart…

The Magic Garden by Hannah Howell

Scottish beauty Rose Keith knows people think her a witch. Some say that the delicious meals she prepares from her special garden can inspire rapturous passion. That must be why Sir Adair Dundas has asked for an offering of her legendary sweet tarts. But when the laird grows more interested in Rose’s womanly curves than her culinary skill, she can only wonder whether it’s witchcraft at work…or something deeper and far more enchanting…

The Orange Tree by Linda Madl

Lady Emmalyn is furious. She’d come all the way to the Isle of Sully to procure the Lord Hugh’s rare oranges, believed to be a potent aphrodisiac, as a wedding present for her daughter only to have the brooding knight refuse her request as ridiculous. A wager is called for: If Emmalyn can prove the oranges truly provoke intense desire, the knight must yield the fruit. It’s a challenge in which the seducer can easily become the seduced, and love may just take root…

About Jo Goodman:

To find characters to illustrate my first family saga, I cut out models from the Sears catalogue. I was in fourth grade, but it was a start. In seventh grade I wrote a melodrama about two orphan sisters, one of whom was pregnant. There was also a story about a runaway girl with the unlikely name of Strawberry and one about mistaken identities and an evil blind date. My supportive, but vaguely concerned parents, sighed with relief when I announced I was going to write children's books. They bought me an electric typewriter and crossed their fingers, but somehow PASSION'S BRIDE came out. No one was really surprised.

I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry and some notion that I would do marine research. Years of competitive swimming didn't help me anticipate seasickness. A career change seemed in order. I began working with adolescents and families, first as a childcare worker and later, after graduating from West Virginia University with a master's degree in counseling, as a therapist. I am currently the executive director of a child caring/mental health agency and find my work and my writing often compliment each other. One grounds me in reality and the other offers a break from it.

I chose my pen name because none of my college friends ever called me Joanne and Goodman is simply a loose translation of Dobrzanski. Two careers. Two names. One makes the other possible. When both sides of my brain are talking, it's a party!

Jo has written 18 historical romances, 3 short stories, and 1 novella. Her first book, PASSION'S BRIDE (reprinted in 1998 as THE CAPTAIN'S LADY), won best pirate romance from Romantic Times. FOREVER IN MY HEART won a Reader's Choice Award for best historical romance in 1994 and ONLY IN MY ARMS was a finalist the following year.

About Hannah Howell:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, her family's home since the 1630s, Hannah Howell is the author of over thirty Zebra historical romances. Her love of history prompts the choice of venue, and also her dragging her husband Stephen, to every historical site she can get to. Her fascination with the past makes research as much a pleasure as a necessity. It was a thrill for her to turn her love of history and writing into a career, one that allows her to share those loves with others.

About Linda Madl:

Linda Madl has been writing most of her life — from her first short story written in the sixth grade up to her work-in-progress. Her publishing credits include eight novels, five novellas, several short stories, many nonfiction articles, and an award-winning newsletter.

She began her writing career in St. Louis, Missouri, where she lived for twenty years. The first of her historical romance novels came out in 1989. Three of her books were named finalists for Romantic Times Readers' Choice Awards.

Currently Madl is president of the newly organized Kansas Romance Writers. As a communicator, she is a member of several professional organizations including Romance Writers of America, Novelists Inc., and Toastmasters International.

Madl describes herself as a realistic romantic who believes there is someone for everyone, no matter how strange and impossible a match may seem. Besides a good story, she loves chocolate, piano music, autumn-hued prairies, and blue skies.

She lives with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and a parakeet in the Flint Hills area of Kansas. She fills her nonwriting hours with family, friends, travel, and gardening.

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