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Conflict Of Interest

Terry Lewis

ISBN 0786005394
Publish Date 8/1/1998
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Legal
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Justice On Trial... A Live On The Line

Appointed to the defense in the high-profile slaying of a female reporter, attorney Ted Stevens discovers that with proof of innocence comes grave risk. For the one truth that can save his client is the one shred of evidence Stevens cannot divulge—his own intimate relationship with the victim that could cast him in a dark cloud of suspicion.

Then come the anonymous phone calls from a stranger who shares the secret, a blackmailer with a desire to trap Stevens in his own inescapable past. Now, with only one way to set himself free, Stevens has to unmask the real killer by going beyond any law except that of his own desperate need to survive.

A legal thriller of blistering suspense, Conflict Of Interest explores the reckless passion that drives people to kill, and the lies that erase the fine line between guilt and innocence, life and death.

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