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African American Firsts

Joan Potter

ISBN 0758202431
Publish Date 1/1/2004
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Dafina, Reference
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Trade Paperback

An addictive, authoritative reference book—a lively who’s-who of the most creative, innovative and successful African Americans—from colonial times to present day.

  • The updated version features the historic election of Barack Obama.

  • Includes over 75 pages of photographs of famous African Americans like Josephine Baker, Arthur Ashe, Harriet Tubman, Alexander Twilight, and many more.

“A Black history buff ’s dream.”—Ebony

“From the name of the first millionaire to the first million-copy bestselling author, here are some occasions to cheer and weep about.”—Booklist

Did you know that...

African-American inventors designed the traffic light, the gas mask, and the first railroad telegraph system…
An African-American doctor performed the first open-heart surgery...
An African-American explorer reached the North Pole before Admiral Peary....
A gorgeous African-American entertainer won the French Legion of Honor for her bravery in World War II….

Excluded from the history books, overlooked in the classroom, and neglected in the media, African Americans have long been denied an accurate picture of their contributions to our nation from colonial days to the present. Now, after mining old documents, records, letters, family histories and government files, this authoritative resource book reveals over 450 “firsts” by African Americans--wonderful accomplishments achieved often despite poverty, discrimination, and racism.

Leaders in government, entertainment, education, science and medicine, the law, military, and in the business world, African Americans have made their mark. Now with African-American Firsts, we can see how very high has been their reach and how very great their honors.

“I rarely pick up a non-fiction book I can't put down. I finally found one. African-American Firsts works, works well, and works brilliantly.” —St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“For browsing or serious queries on great achievements by blacks in America. From the name of the first millionaire to the first million-copy bestselling author, here are some occasions to cheer and weep about.” —Booklist

“ excellent source for browsing and for locating facts that are hard to find elsewhere.” —School Library Journal

“Reveals African-American history as Potter had never been taught in predominantly white schools.” —Publishers Weekly

“I recommend this book, a tool with innumerable possibilities which will help individuals understand...the contributions and inventions of African Americans.” —The late Dr. Betty Shabazz

Over 75 Pages of Photographs

About Joan Potter:

Joan Potter is the co-author of three books: Still Here Thinking of You: A Second Chance With Our Mothers; The Book of Adirondack Firsts; and the children’s book, African Americans Who Were First. She has published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers, and her personal essays have appeared in several anthologies and literary journals. She has taught memoir workshops in writing centers, libraries, and state prisons. She lives in Mount Kisco, New York.

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