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The Next War Zone

James F. Dunnigan

ISBN 0806524138
Publish Date 9/1/2002
Format Hardcover
Categories Citadel, Military
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The next war is going to take place on a new battlefield: your own home.

You can’t see it, but it’s there. A threat so potent, it could destroy massive amounts of data, shut down power plants, factories, fuel supplies, space satellites, the armed forces, millions of computers, and even parts of the Internet. A virtually undetectable but devastating new weapon is cyberwarfare, the next wave of terrorism, and it could be launched from your very own computer.

Thousands of computer super viruses, monster worms and zombies created by terrorists and rogue governments are the new tools of war with the potential for catastrophic results.

In this chilling, dramatic account, military expert and on-air analyst James F. Dunnigan sounds the alarm on what could be the nation’s next surprise attack—a cyber Pearl Harbor just waiting to happen. Every day, there are warnings of computer viruses and Internet weaknesses with the potential to shut down whole systems and disrupt society. Most are the work of amateur hackers. But consider also the super zombies, military grade computer weapons being created by government cyberwar units. Virtually undetectable, they have the power to destroy everything, lethally spread via the Internet, and “hide” on home computers, waiting to be unleashed.

Despite constant warnings about our cyber vulnerability, and billions of dollars spent on defending our electronic networks, the risk of catastrophic cyber attacks continues to grow. Now, James F. Dunnigan explains the new rules of cyberwar—what it is, what could happen, and how to protect yourself from becoming a pawn in a dangerous endgame. From real-life attack scenarios to explanations of super zombies, worms, and monster viruses; from cyberwarriors to what forces pose the most dangerous threats, Dunnigan offers clear, concise information for fighting back against a phantom enemy that may be the deadliest we’ve ever known.

James F. Dunnigan is the author of more than twenty books on military subjects, including How to Make War, Dirty Little Secrets, and A Quick and Dirty Guide to War, and over a hundred wargames. As on-air analyst for Fox and NBC—as well as other networks—Dunnigan has covered the war in Afghanistan as well as the Gulf War. He has been a consultant for the State Department, the CIA, and the Army War College, and his Web site,, receives a million hits a month. Dunnigan lives in New York City.

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