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Caring For The Parents Who Cared For You

Kenneth P. Scileppi

ISBN 080652409X
Publish Date 8/1/2002
Format Paperback
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Practical and Compassionate Support for Adult Children of Aging Parents

Just as Dr. Spock’s advice helped parents raise the baby boom generation, Dr. Kenneth P. Scileppi’s ground-breaking book gives wise and sound guidance to baby boomers dealing with the often baffling and frustrating role reversal they face as their parents age. Caring for the Parents Who Cared for You is for everyone who is now or will be taking on the life-changing role of parental caretaker.

Forgoing medical jargon in favor of straight talk, Caring for the Parents Who Cared for You guides readers through stressful situations such as calming parents when they are nervous and agitated, responding to endlessly repeated questions, dealing with unreasonable distrust and suspicions, recognizing conditions that require medical attention, and other caregiving challenges.

Dr. Scileppi also gives specific behavioral and medical advice about:

  • Helping your parents to control insomnia, incontinence, constipation, poor appetite, and weight loss

  • Dealing with health care professionals and physicians untrained in the special care of the elderly

  • Ensuring that medical tests the doctor orders are safe and necessary

  • The condition of dementia, which affects 15 percent of Americans over age 65

  • Letting go

  • And more

This book is based on the author’s years of work with the elderly and their adult children. Whether your parents live in your home or a thousand miles away, it can help you to gain a positive perspective and eventually to experience gratitude for the opportunity to give back to your parents.

“The care of your parents as they decline in their final years will be revealed as the only act of love that might ever be comparable to the love and care that your parents once lavished on you.” —Kenneth P. Scileppi, M.D.

Kenneth P. Scileppi, M.D., a board certified physician in geriatric internal medicine, is an assistant professor of medicine at Cornell University College and an attending physician at New York Hospital---Cornell Medical Center.

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