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Passion's Ransom

Betina Krahn

ISBN 0821773151
Publish Date 8/1/2002
Categories Zebra
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Dear Reader,
No one gets the better of Blythe Woolrich. With her flaming hair and fiery temper, she manages to run Woolrich Mercantile and keep her virtue intact among Revolutionary Philadelphia’s more unsavory characters—a neat trick, indeed. Though she’d love to see the world, Blythe is married to duty first. But the restless beauty is about to be shanghaied…

Pirate captain Raider Prescott is a man intent on making quick money, and ransoming a proper Philadelphia lady seems the perfect scheme—until he discovers that her family has no money to pay him. Now, he’s stuck at sea with the headstrong “Woolwitch,” a creature as vexing as she is lovely. Worse still, she seems to be working her woman’s magic on his crew, turning them all into a nearly respectable lot! When she tries to transform him into a gentleman, though, he’s had enough. He’ll show the mouthy wench that a pirate takes whatever he wants—even when it’s more than he’s ever dreamed of having…

As their hearts set course for a whole new horizon, Raider and Blythe are about to discover that passion’s pleasures hold them both hostage…and true love is the ultimate ransom…

About Betina Krahn:

Betina Krahn is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 30 historical and contemporary romances. Her works have won numerous industry awards, including the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for Love and Laughter. Visit her on the web at

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