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Character Witness

R. A. Forster

ISBN 0786003782
Publish Date 4/1/1997
Format Paperback
Categories Pinnacle, Legal
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The verdict is in, and the praise is unanimous. R.A. Forster "reinvents the legal thriller" raves Polly Whitney, author of Until Death. CBS Correspondent Laurie L. Levenson hails Forster's debut novel Keeping Counsel as "the perfect legal thriller. Impossible to put down." Now, in the bestselling tradition of John Grisham and Nancy Taylor Rosenberg comes R.A. Forster's riveting new novel of suspense...

Kathleen Cotter worked her way through law school, and all it got her was a shared cubical in a strip-mall firm. Then her uncle, the legendary criminal attorney Gerry O'Doul, invites her to join his practice in Beverly Hills.

But O'Doul's firm turns out to be more flash than substance—until a new client walks through the door. The woman wants to sue the estate of her dead ex-husband so she can cash in on his life insurance. When the case goes to court, the presiding judge challenges Kathleen to prove that the late Lionel Brooker did not commit suicide.

As a family's carefully guarded secret explodes in scandal and murder, Kathleen finds herself following a trail of lies and corruption that stretches to the highest levels of government. To save her own life, she must uncover the one thing even more dangerous than a killer out for blood: the truth.

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