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Adam By Adam

Adam Clayton Powell, Adam Clayton Powell III

ISBN 0758201958
Publish Date 1/1/2002
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Dafina, Biography
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Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., was loved; he was hated. He was admired; he was vilified. Few who heard this Congressman's fiery oratory or read his impassioned writings will forget him. Now a whole new generation will discover the fascinating life of this flamboyant, controversial, and wildly popular figure.

With colorful details, Powell recounts his childhood in early 20th century Harlem, his education at an all-white college, his years preaching gospel and his rise in American politics. He takes readers inside the halls of Congress, where he served as Chairman of the powerful House Education and Labor Committee and was instrumental in the passage of Civil Rights legislation. And with his superb skills as a raconteur, he tells vivid stories of the influential people he'd met along the way, from celebrities to presidents to kings.

With a foreword by his son Adam Clayton Powell III--one that offers a richly perceptive explanation of what made his father the man he was--Adam By Adam reveals the heart and soul of a true original who remains among the most influential black politicians in our nation's history.

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