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Christmas Eve Kittens

Cathleen Clare, Debbie Raleigh, Wilma Counts

ISBN 0821770381
Publish Date 10/1/2001
Format Paperback
Categories Zebra
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At the most wonderful time of the year, three fascinating felines offer the most glorious gifts of all..
"Christmas Cattitude," by Cathleen Clare

Lord David Donnington's twelve-year-old charge is spoiled, arrogant— and recently orphaned. Stranded during a blizzard, Eugenia's tantrums mount—until she is befriended by delightful innkeeper Stephanie's equally charming cat, Fluffy. As a heaven-sent transformation begins, the stormy weather both indoors and out gives way to a Christmas Day filled with laughter and love . . .

"Christmas Joy," by Wilma Counts

To help his daughter Joy recover after the death of her mother, Justin Wingate brings her to a Christmas party. But the only ones to whom the girl will speak are a tiny white kitten—and bereaved widow Meghan Kenwick. Now it's up to an angelic ball of fur to mend ties, restore faith—and bring soulmates together…

"Christmas Miracle," by Debbie Raleigh

In a strange twist of fate triggered by a decidedly arrogant cat named Byron, Miss Grace Honeywell finds herself engaged to Mr. Alexander Dalford, a man she barely knows, but has already decided to dislike. Worse still, Alexander turns out to be as kind as he is handsome—making it difficult indeed for Grace to resist his charms. Can Byron bring the gift of love to a reluctant heart—and make holiday wishes come true?

About Wilma Counts:

Before moving to Nevada in 1994, Wilma Counts taught high school English and social studies in Germany to dependents of American forces stationed there. She loved the kids, but hated meaningless paperwork. She especially enjoyed her work with Advance Placement English, Model United Nations, and student exchanges with a Russian school.

Wilma grew up in Oregon, a product of the Leave It To Beaver era. She holds degrees in education and international relations. Having traveled widely, she is keenly interested in politics and international relations. She freely admits to being a C-SPAN junkie.

A member of the Romance Writers of America, she has written two Regency novels and a novella for Zebra. Willed to Wed is slated for publication in September, '99, and My Lady Governess in February, '00. Her current projects include another Regency and a novel set in the American West. She contributes a regular column on grammar and usage to the local RWA newsletter. Besides her interest in travel and writing, Wilma is an avid reader and she loves to cook, garden, and gamble—not necessarily in that order.

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