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The Dinosaur Heresies

Robert T. Bakker

ISBN 0806522607
Publish Date 6/1/2001
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Science
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Trade Paperback

“Three Cheers For The Terrible Lizards!” —Kirkus Reviews

Enter A Brave New World Of Prehistoric Wonders

For over a century dinosaurs have been thought of as plodding, dim-witted giant lizards too awkward and ill-equipped to survive the ravages of environmental change. But now Robert T. Bakker offers startling new evidence destined to forever alter mankind's perception of the much maligned monsters, depicting the dinosaur as never before imagined: hot-blooded, amazingly agile and surprisingly intelligent.

Containing over 200 detailed illustrations by the author, The Dinosaur Heresies will enthrall and delight the armies of “dinosaurmaniacs” throughout the world. Controversial, informative, and vastly entertaining, it is a bold new look at the extraordinary reign and eventual extinction of the awesome behemoths who ruled the Earth for 150 million years.

The Dinosaur Heresies

New Theories Unlocking The Mystery Of The Dinosaurs And Their Extinction

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