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Smart Parenting for African-Americans

Jeffrey Gardere

ISBN 0806520515
Publish Date 3/1/1999
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Parenting
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Trade Paperback

Almost anyone can be a parent——but it takes knowledge, effort, and caring to be a smart parent.

Black children face many challenges in today's world— in some ways it is even harder growing up black today than it was a generation ago, when optimism and expectations were higher. Dr. Jeffrey Gardere presents a hip, savvy, realistic guide for today's parents raising black children. File takes au honest look at some of the major threats to black children academic failure, drugs, gangs, irresponsible sex, attraction to crime--and presents parents with the tools to deal with them.

Other topics covered include:

  • Giving your kids a head start in their earliest years

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