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The Last Empress

Greg King

ISBN 0806517611
Publish Date 1/1/1996
Format Trade Paperback
Categories Citadel, Biography
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This is the compelling story of the woman credited as a major factor in the destruction of the Russian Empire. It is the first full biography of Alexandra in thirty years and the first to explore her childhood motivations and influences.

Just age six when her mother died, Alexandra, a German princess, was reared under the tutelage of aunts but always remained under the watchful if faraway eye of her grandmother, Queen Victoria. As a shy, introverted teenager, "Alix" visited Russia for a six-week holiday and caught the eye of Nicholas, the young heir to the Russian throne.

Nicholas and Alexandra fell in love. They might have lived as a contented bourgeois couple if fate hadn't placed them on the throne and set them on a collision course with tragedy.

To research this book Greg King pored through Russian archives and interviewed surviving members of the Romanov family. This first paperback edition has material based on new findings about the hones of the murdered royal family.

"A beautifully written and spell-binding book." —Kathleen Tyler, L.A. Life

"A wonderfully vivid biography" —Publishers Weekly

"Strongly recommended." —Library Journal

"What emerges in The Last Empress is a vivid picture of a complicated woman reigning over the twilight of a backward land." —Anne Ruisi, Birmingham News

About Greg King:

Greg King's biographies The Last Empress, The Man Who Killed Rasputin, and The Mad King have been universally acclaimed and internationally published. He lives in Everett, Washington.

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