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My Life On The Plains

George A. Custer

ISBN 0806514396
Publish Date 1/1/1993
Format Paperback
Categories Citadel, Biography
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This is the personal narrative of the most famous cavalry leader America ever produced. Custer's solid claim to military fame rests upon his achievements in the civil war, yet paradoxically he is chiefly remembered by reason of his death in the battle of Little Big Horn in June 187 "Custer’s last stand." Much controversy still rages over Custer’s career and character. Custer was an exceedingly complex man who, in life, won devoted friends and admirers as well as outspokenly bitter enemies.

This book, representing the major part of Custer’s life, was first published some two years before the general's death. It is a vivid picture of the American west, the rigors of life for the settlers, and the horrors of Indian warfare.

Custer, in this intensely personal account, made a major contribution to American history.

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